Dog training, walking, pet sitting

Dog training, walking, pet sitting

Dog training, walking, pet sittingDog training, walking, pet sitting

Dog Walking


  We have all come home to a wild and crazy dog.  Perhaps you were gone all day at work or running errands.  Maybe you had appointments to keep.  The last thing you feel up to doing is walking your dog.  You are ready  to sit down and put your feet up and relax. You could be under the weather , not feeling well, or under Doctor's orders to take it easy.  Call us we will walk your dog for you. The more exercise the dog gets the more well behaved they are going to be.
     Maybe you are older and your dog is just to much for you to walk.  Maybe  you have an elderly family member or neighbor who has a dog that would love to go for a walk, but they are just not able to do it themselves due to medical problems or just the weather. Have them call us , we can help no matter what the weather. Snow  and rain does not bother us. 

Dog Walking ( Available only on weekends and early evenings)

  • Price: $10 for a half hour walk.
  • Location: Your neighborhood
  • Details: Additional $5.00 per extra dog.(must walk well together).